It has turned out fortunate for me to-day that I did not learn programming through a computer nor had anyone around me that knew about programming. Without having any help aside from your textbook, it makes you mull over if your code will act according to your plan which seemed impeccable inside your head. One of the good things about writing your code down in a notebook is that you are not sure what your code will output until you test it on a computer. Having limited access to computers, I was forced to learn my first programming through my textbook and my pen and paper. Thinking back, I don’t believe I would have had the aptitude as now if I had access to help.

I served in the Korean army where our base was isolated in the mountains. Tragic or not, the internet was limited so I was forced to learn programming through a textbook. I was made fun of by my seniors for studying about computers without a computer, but as this learning method might seem unconventional today, by the time I was discharged from the army, I had a solid understanding of programming in Python.

Although my programming journey began alone, I was able to meet fabulous people throughout my journey that have given me influence on my programing philosophy.

Through this website, I hope I can give insight of my knowledge and how I approach programming.